Best Party Apps 2017

This post will help you to organize great parties with the only support of your smartphone. The success of a party depends on different factors such as background music, guests, drinks, cocktails, karaoke, party and drinking games which bring the party to the next level.

We have scanned the iOS and Google stores to highlight the top party apps that will make your parties unforgettable:



Import guest lists, delegate tasks, set reminders or sync across multiple users, and Facetime them from within the app. A timeline option even lets you see exactly what needs to happen in real time.

An augmented reality module lets you visualize your drag-and-drop seating charts on top of pictures of the venue.

 The app makes the most sense for large-scale events, though it’s useful to help you plan everything big and small.

Available for $4.99 on iOS


Usually, your guests will come to the party with empty stomachs and as a host it is important you offer them some food they can put into their mouths. We do not want totapas.jpg use a lot of time preparing food, so this app will teach you to prepare easy and delicious Spanish tapas.

This delicious way to enjoy food originally comes from Spain,  so we recommend this app where you will find hundreds of recipes that will surprise your guests.

Available for $0.99 on iOS.


If youberu do not have the time to cook and prepare snacks for your guests, UberEats app delivers food from your favorite restaurants to your doorbell. Simple and fast!


Available for FREE on iOS and Android.


Wateky is an app that combines party and drinking  games to help you and your friends have a great time when you’re pre-gaming or at parties. Party and drinking games thaticono-redondeado come with Wateky include: Never Have I Ever, Truth or Dare, Mimic, Heads Up, Striptease, Devil Drink…and you can also access to HOT content.

Gameplay is very simple, all you need to do is choose the game, shake or touch the screen of your phone to activate and stop the randomizer on any of the hundreds of cards/phrases that come with each game. Plus, you have the option to write your own content and to decide when they’ll show up, in order to give it that little personal touch.

Available for FREE on iOS.


One tginhing you can not miss when setting up your parties is fancy cocktails.

This app introduces you to one of the world´s most popular mix which is made of Gin and Tonic Water . This app includes a great variety of gins and tonic waters fitting for each moment and persons´ tastes.

Available for $1.99 on iOS.


No party is complete without a little music. The worldwide music platform that allows you spotifyto create your own party lists or play one of the hundreds lists that the app offers. Music can be searched by type (rock, pop…), mood, country, top lists…


Available for FREE on iOS and Android.


Because we all have a singer inside of each of us, with this app, featured by AppleStore, we can sing our favorite songs together with our friends and we can also record kareoke blancoand film it having a great memory or not that great but at least a memory. 

Available for FREE on iOS and Android.



Perfect app for afterparty when you are not in that good shape after punishing your body the day before.

This app contains delicious juices recipes using healthy ingredients such as vegetables and fruits with recovery properties that will help us to feel again as a normal person and not as a zombie.

This app also offers the option to select the kind of juice depending on the benefit we would like to achieve, for example, if we want a juice which empowers our energy levels, the app will show the juices that meet this requirement.

Available for $1.99 on iOS.

We hope this post is useful to organize your parties. Enjoy and have fun!


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