Best Sentences Never Have I Never

Wateky App includes the drinking game Never Have I Ever which is a must in every party. This is a drinking game that randomly chooses fun and hilarious situations that happen in every day life. When a player has done what’s written on the card, they drink.

Here we select the top 10 of the most hilarious sentences of this drinking game:

  1. Never have I ever scratched my butt then smelled my fingers
  2. Never have I ever walked right into a window
  3. Never have I ever farted and left skidmarks on my underwear
  4. Never have I ever smile with a piece of food in my teeth
  5. Never have I ever farted underwater so I could see the bubbles
  6. Never have I ever logged onto someone else’s Facebook without their permission
  7. Never have I ever eaten bugs
  8. Never have I ever locked myself in the bathroom
  9. Never have I ever accidentally “liked” something on Facebook
  10. Never have I ever bought fake clothing.

Wateky team hopes you like this top 10 and remember that Wateky App includes hundreds of hilarious sentences and also users have the chance to access to HOT content for when you’re feelin’ dirty.

If you have any funny sentences in mind you would like to share please let us know.

Get Wateky App for iOS.

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