Free App with Best Drinking Games and Party Games

Wateky is a free app that combines the best drinking and party games to help you and your friends have a great time when you’re pre-gaming or at parties.

Drinking and party games that come with Wateky include:

– MIMIC: a classic game that tests your communication skills where your friends have to guess the word that randomly is shown on the game with the only help of your body.

– NEVER HAVE I EVER plus its HOT version for when you’re feelin’ dirty: one of the best drinking games that randomly chooses fun and hilarious situations that happen in every day life. When a player has done what’s written on the card, they drink.

– HEADS UP: a popular new game where you have to guess the word on the card that’s on your head from your friends’ clues before the timer runs out.

– DARE plus its HOT version for when you want to turn the heat up: a drinking game that randomly chooses fun challenges for players to complete. If someone’s not up to it, they’d better know how to hold their liquor.

– STORY MAKER: a drinking game about creativity that randomly chooses words players must use to link different stories together. If someone draws a blank, they’ll have to drink.

– STRIPTEASE, just in case it’s hot outside and you’re wearing too many clothes: a new take on the old classic that randomly chooses who, what and how many articles of clothing to take off or put on according to physical features, achievements, style and some very entertaining challenges you’ll come across while playing.

– DEVIL DRINK: an incredibly entertaining drinking game that randomly chooses who drinks based on their physical characteristics, knowledge, style, achievements and even a few challenges given to them by the game itself.

– COCKTAIL SHAKER plus its HOT version: an original drinking game that is a mix of Never Have I Ever, Dare and Devil Drink where players will be surprised in each turn. Perfect for players who are searching for something different and hate rutine.

– BOTTLE ROULETTE: an old times classic drinking game that randomly selects a player and will help you to decide, without discussion, who will: drink, buy dinner, buy drinks, clean the house after a party, do everyone else’s homework, give free foot massages or any other task you and your friends come up with.

Get Wateky App for iOS.

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